Crashing waves on Lake Michigan nearly reach new record

Crashing waves on Lake Michigan nearly reach new record

SOUTH HAVEN, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - It's a reminder that high waves on Lake Michigan can be life-threatening.

First responders tell us this is a good day to see what else South Haven has to offer in the city. They say if you must go to the beach, stay on shore; otherwise you could put your life at risk in the water.

The crashing waves on Lake Michigan almost reached a new record Friday, peaking as high as eight feet.

“The water is very, very powerful today. It's very deadly today. If you go in Lake Michigan and you're unprepared you will die in Lake Michigan,” said South Haven Area Emergency Services Executive Director Ronald Wise.

South Haven Area Emergency Services issued a red flag warning at the beach, advising people not to swim in the water.

Wise says the most dangerous waves are along the pier.

“I call it kind of a blender. You get caught in that it's just going to churn and spin you and tuck you around, and it's not going to be a fun time,” he said.

He says these are days that rescues become much more difficult for first responders.

“Today if you need help it's not going to be a good outcome. It's just so dangerous out there and even to get a rescue boat out there would be very dangerous,” Wise said.

“Even if we get down here in three to four minutes, another minute to get in our gear and get in the water it could even be too late for you,” he added.

Wise is advising people to stay ashore, unless you’re a thrill seeker like these kite surfers daring to take the risk.

“This is their weather. But they're wearing wet suits, they have life preservers on, they come prepared to be in the water. But for someone just to come and say ‘I can swim in that,’ you get into trouble there's no time out,” Wise said.

So far, no rescue calls have come in to emergency services.

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