Crash in Galesburg area leaves Winnebago split in half

Crash in Galesburg area leaves Winnebago split in half

GALESBURG, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - A crash in Kalamazoo County Friday split an RV in two.

After the Winnebago flipped over, the street shredded the roof, trapping the two people inside.

After getting a look at the chaotic scene, police and firefighters say it's amazing anyone survived the crash.

Witnesses say a pickup truck on East ML Avenue ran a stop sign and crashed into the Winnebago that was driving up 35th Street.

"All the crunch and grind and screaming--it was crazy," said Darlene Lovre.

When the noise stopped, Darlene was upside down, strapped into the RV.

"Look at the chair where I was sitting. I was sitting in the passenger side," she said, surveying the damage.

Her husband was driving the Winnebago when it was broadsided by a pickup truck.

"The impact was so bad then it rolled on the roof and we just start skidding down the road," Lovre said.

Clothes and car parts spewed out, but she was stuck.

"I just started yelling to this man to get me out," she recalled.

That man is Marc McNett--he stopped to help and pulled her out.

"I tried to get her husband out, but he was too worried about his dogs," McNett said.

Pinned under the twisted metal, the couple's two golden retrievers were trapped in the RV.

"I just kept screaming to my husband to crawl to get out, and our two dogs were in there, and I could hear one of them crying," Lovre said.

The Lovres and their dogs were driving back from Casper, Wyoming, where they watched the eclipse.

It was a trip of a lifetime and it ended here--about two hours from home. But the entire family will finish that 3,000 mile journey together.

Hercules and Goliath made it through without a scratch. Their owners, meanwhile, walked away with cuts and bruises.

"I just can't believe we walked out of there," Lovre said.

Emergency responders say they've never seen a crash this bad and have every one walk away.

Emergency responders were surprised. But people who live around here say they've seen too many serious crashes at this intersection.

Neighbors say they've been trying to get a flashing caution light to go up here, but thus far, it hasn't happened.

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