City of Rockford working with Corner Bar owners to restore area, reopen streets

corner bar fire 3.JPG

Main Street, particularly at the intersection of North Main and Courtland where the popular The Corner Bar was destroyed in a fire Aug. 14, might soon reopen.

City officials announced Friday that contractors are expected to begin bracing the remains of the building next week, to make the corner safer for nearby businesses and pedestrians.

The intersection has been completely closed since the fire, which fire officials said started in a trash bin but grew larger because the heat caused a gas main to explode. On Friday, city officials said The Corner Bar owners are planning to rebuild the historic structure, and reopen.

First, contractors must brace the remains, then demolish and remove the debris before the rebuilding occurs. Once the bracing is done, city officials said, the streets will be at lease partially open.

The Rockford Department of Public Safety put temporary one-way traffic signs near the Car Care, 113 N. Main St., the day after the fire. The signs direct vehicles to drive behind the post office and come out at Courtland and Squires streets.

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