Brown sentenced for accountant's murder

CENTREVILLE, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - The Portage man found guilty of murdering his employer was sentenced Friday. Andy Brown received 37 1/2-75 years in prison.

In June, jurors found Andrew Brown guilty of both second degree murder and felony firearm possession for the death of David Locey.

Locey was found shot to death in his accounting office in Sturgis last October.

Brown addressed the court before he was sentenced. He expressed his innocence and his sympathy to the Brown family. "I want this court to know that all the mistakes I've made I'm a loving person and I'm innocent," said Brown.

Locey's family also spoke in court. They brought happy pictures of him. His son says he wants people to remember Locey how they do.

"Nothing will ever replace the emptiness of my longing to just talk to him and hear his voice again," said Locey's son. "So much of my energy is tied up in simply surviving the day. We're all living as shells. My father and Andy Brown both had a lot of common. They affected everyone they've ever met. Andy Brown has ruined two families."

"The jury members cried and showed more emotion that Andy Brown did in his own murder trial," said Locey's son.

Locey's family called for the longest sentence for Andy Brown.

Prosecutor McDonough said of Locey, "he was one of the best men to walk around the city of Sturgis."

Prosecutor McDonough asked for a 50 to 70 year sentence for Brown, requesting the judge go beyond sentencing guidelines.