Allegan County deputies go above and beyond to help woman in need

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ALLEGAN COUNTY, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) – Two Allegan County Sheriff’s deputies are being praised after they went out of their way to help a woman in need.

A post about the deputies’ kind gesture has been shared on Facebook thousands of times. The two deputies donated and delivered wood to a woman without heat this week. They say “it’s just part of the job.”

For Deputy Cory Harris, Mondays are often busy with follow up calls from the weekend, but this week one call caught his attention.

“She said she was fine, just a little cold,” said Deputy Harris.

Deputy Harris was checking in with a domestic violence victim whose husband had been removed from their home.

“She said she didn’t have any wood because her husband was going to jail,” said Deputy Harris.

The deputy’s first priority was making sure the woman was safe, but that just wasn’t enough and he turned to his co-workers for help.

“Was a good feeling, to give back and help somebody,” said Deputy Jim Kimber.

Deputy Kimber offered up a pile of wood he had at home, the two loaded up a truck and made a surprise delivery.

“Just kind of showed up with a truck full of wood,” said Deputy Harris.

“She was so happy to see us, had a big smile on her face,” said Deputy Kimber.

Together the pair unloaded to the wood to bring warmth to a woman who was wrapped up in blankets to fight the cold.

“I stepped inside the house and could see my breath,” said Deputy Kimber.

The deputies say that what they did wasn’t out of the ordinary.

“Every single one of our officers, given the opportunity and the same situation, would’ve stepped up to the plate,” said Deputy Kimber.

The Sheriff’s Department has been inundated with support after the Facebook post.

“I’m overwhelmingly honored to know that we have people that are willing to do that,” said Allegan County Sheriff Frank Baker.

The deputies say they’re just happy to help when and where they can.

“It really hit me, ‘wow, I feel blessed,’ when we were in the truck on the way back,” said Deputy Kimber. “I was like ‘I’m gonna be so thankful to take a hot shower,’ this poor woman, she was more concerned about her dogs than herself.”

Since the Facebook post went up Wednesday, the Sheriff’s Department says they’ve been flooded with offers to help the woman. They say she’ll have more than enough wood to stay warm this winter, and for many more to come.

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