5-year-old dropped off at wrong bus stop in Hartford

5-year-old dropped off at wrong bus stop in Hartford

HARTFORD, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - A Hartford grandmother is irate after her 5 year old granddaughter was dropped off at the wrong bus stop.

The grandmother of 5-year Liberty Watson says the Woodland Elementary School kindergartner was dropped off two miles from her home Monday afternoon.

Hartford Public Schools Superintendent Andrew Hubbard said It was an isolated incident but acknowledged the student was dropped off inadvertently in the wrong location.

in a statement, Hubbard said, "We deeply regret the incident and have apologized to the parent. No parent or guardian should ever feel anxiety over their child on one of our buses."

Linda Watson, the grandmother of 5-year-old Liberty Watson had waited as her granddaughter arrived home from her first day of kindergarten.

" There's the bus, it's going to stop," Watson said in a video she posted capturing the moment.

Watson waited while the bus stopped at her house, but her granddaughter did not show up when the bus door opened.

Watson told the bus driver, "You've just lost a child, you've just lost a 5 year old child."

The video showed the bus driver radioing, " I had a child get off at the wrong stop." The driver told the grandmother he accidentally dropped the girl off at Vanauken Lake Country Corner, a general store located two miles from the Watson home.

Watson says her husband immediately went and picked up Liberty, who was okay, but says visibly shaken afterwards.

"She laid down for a nap, then woke up 2 hours later screaming, I scared, I scared." said Watson.

According to the Hartford schools superintendent, The bus driver was recently hired and had no previous bus driving experience.

The driver told the grandmother he was not provided a list with student's names and their bus stops.

Despite the mixup, the grandmother will forgive the bus driver

"I forgive him because he was a new driver and didn't have everything he needed," said Watson.

Hubbard says the school system is " reviewing the incident and our procedures to make sure this type of incident never happens again. "

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