10 years since couple was found shot to death on California beach

(NEWSCHANNEL 3) - This week marks a decade since a young couple from West Michigan was found shot to death in their sleeping bags on a California beach.

Their families are still looking for closure because no one was has ever been charged for the murders.

Jason Allen grew up in Zeeland. By all accounts he and Lindsay Cutshall were the perfect all American couple. They loved the outdoors, were very involved in their faith and were set to be married. But the couple was tragically taken away from their families just a month before their wedding.

It's an unsolved case that has haunted police in Sonoma County California.

"You have two very good kids who are decent people, who don't have any enemies, who live a life of pure joy, and they're found dead," said detective Brandon Cutting, the lead investigator on the case from the Sonoma County Sheriff's Department.

10 years after 26-year-old Allen and 23-year-old Cutshall were found murdered on a remote beach in Jenner, California the Sonoma County Sheriff's Department still has hope they will find the killer.

"This case is very much alive in our area out here," said Cutting. "It's a very near and dear case to us."

The lead detective on the case tells us they've received more than 1,500 tips and they are still coming in.

"We receive about one to two tips a week," said Cutting.

Detective Cutting tells us it's very complex.

"It's been probably one of the most difficult cases out agency has had to investigate," said Cutting.

For the victims' families the waiting has been even more difficult.

"It's difficult, time helps. We still miss our kids very much, and there are times where it's more painful than others," said Allen's mother, Delores Allen.

It was just before the five year anniversary of their son's death when we last heard from Bob and Delores Allen at their Zeeland home.

Police believe some time overnight on August 14th or 15th of 2004 their son Jason and his fiancée Lindsay were murdered while they slept.

In 2009 police thought they might have a break in the case. Many signs pointed to a man named James Burgess, a former cult member wanted for several other crimes, including a murder of a young couple in Canada. Police tracked him down and he was killed in a shoot-out with deputies in New Mexico.

The Allens told us shortly after his death that they hoped police could finally find some answers.

"It's kind of disappointing that he's dead now and we really won't know the whole story," said Bob Allen, Jason's father.

But within the last few years detectives tell us they were able to ruled Burgess out.

Now on this 10 year anniversary they are reaching out hoping to find finally learn what happened to Jason and Lindsay.

"Somebody knows the person who did this. Somebody knows why it was done," said Cutting.

For the family rooted in their faith, justice has always been a goal for the Allens.

"We don't harbor anger but we do know want to know. And we want to seek justice, not revenge just justice," said Delores.

Detectives hope by keeping the case in the public eye someone who might have a clue about what happened will come forward. They tell us no tip is too small, they investigate everything.

Anyone with information is urged to call the Sonoma County Sheriff's Department at (707) 565-2185.