Tip provides new hope for family of man missing for 27 years


ALLEGAN, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - There's renewed hope for the loved ones of a West Michigan man who disappeared in Allegan 27 years ago.

Richard Hitchcock's family says they have reason to believe his body will be found in the not too distant future.

Witnesses say 27 years ago they last saw Richard Hitchcock, as they say he walked out of a nearby bar, and they say he possibly fell into the Kalamazoo River. After weeks of searching however, they could not find a body.

Now, 27 years later, the family says it has new hope based on new possible tip, about what might have happened to Hitchcock, and where his body ended up.

We spoke with Hitchcock's younger brother near a location in West Michigan where he and other family members suspect Hitchcock might be buried.

We have agreed not to disclose the exact location at the request of the family, who is preparing to dig around the location.

"The dogs were in there and they kind of found a spot that we have an interest in,"said Richard's brother, Steve Hitchcock. "But we want to get back in there and look into it further."

Tonight at 11, we'll tell you why Hitchcock's family has new hope that they'll solve his disappearance once and for all. And we'll share never before released info, from police who are still seeking answers.

That full story is tonight at 11, only on Newschannel 3.

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