New details emerge about nine year old who ran away


HILLSDALE, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) – The custody of a nine-year-old boy who ran away for almost three days back in January will be battled out in court on Thursday.

Jace Lyon was reported missing back in January, leading to an almost three-day search where hundreds of volunteers tried to find him.

Eventually, he was found in another home, less than one mile away from where he lived in Hillsdale.

According to Hillsdale County Sheriff Timothy Parker, it was the second time Lyon had run away.

Once located this time, however, Lyon told deputies and workers with Protective Services that he was scared of his adoptive mother, Tonya Lyon.

Reports obtained by the Newschannel 3 I-Team show that Lyon told authorities his mother was intimidating, spanking and kicking him, and sometimes leaving bruises.

Lyon’s mother denied leaving bruises, but acknowledged being strict with her adoptive son.

Lyon’s cousin, Mike Lyon, spoke about Jace’s home life, agreeing that his Tonya could be strict, but also defended her against allegations of abuse.

“That’s not my aunt,” Lyon said. “She’s ex-military and she can be strict and a little hard to deal with, but I’m sure she loves her son.”

The interviews with the 9-year-old also reveal that he was frequently left home alone for long periods of time, sometimes overnight, while his mother worked, leading some to criticize her for negligence.

It remains to be seen if Tonya Lyon will face any charges for any incidents leading up to Jace’s disappearance, Newschannel 3’s I-Team did not receive any comment on the possibility of any charges after reaching out to the Hillsdale County Prosecutor’s Office.

Since he was located, Lyon has been placed in a different home by Protective Services.

Lyon’s custody hearing is slated for Thursday at the Hillsdale County Probate Court.

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