Michigan Attorney General issues cease and desist to Family Fitness

Michigan Attorney General issues cease and desist to Family Fitness

KALAMAZOO, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - A popular West Michigan gym is being told to cease and desist following many complaints from customers.

The Michigan Attorney General announced a few hours ago that Family Fitness must make changes in how it treats customers.

Newschannel 3 first reported about customer complaints regarding Family Fitness membership termination fees in 2013. On Wednesday, we went to one of the 14 locations, where we were told a statement was on its way. That statement reads:

Family Fitness Michigan will not mediate or share member information with broadcast or any social media organizations. We encourage any member who wishes to discuss their current agreement to reach out to our corporate office directly.

That statement comes shortly after the Attorney General's office said that Family Fitness must “cease and desist its unlawful practice of misleading members into believing they must make certain monetary payments after they cancelled their gym and personal training contracts.”

Many viewers have contacted Newschannel 3 as well about being charged after cancelling memberships to Family Fitness. One viewer says that she was turned over to a debt collection service.

However, the AG's office is now saying it must stop doing that, saying that customers should not believe they have to pay the full amount of their contract if they've canceled their memberships.

Family Fitness has 14 locations in our area.

The AG's office is encouraging anybody who feels they were a victim of this practice to contact the Consumer Protection Division in Lansing immediately.

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