I-Team obtains video related to recent arrest of Christopher Lockhart

I-Team obtains video related to recent arrest of Christopher Lockhart

(NEWSCHANNEL 3) - The I-Team just obtained video related to the recent arrest of Chris Lockhart.

Lockhart remains a person of interest in the disappearance and possible murder of his wife, Theresa Lockhart, who has been missing for eight weeks.

He was arrested just last Thursday on unrelated charges.

Just a few moments ago Newschannel 3's investigative reporter obtained video showing why.

Lockhart was charged with malicious destruction of property and tampering with communication systems last Thursday. Newschannel 3 broke that story when we learned Lockhart's neighbor had allegedly been the target of the property destruction.

And right here is a look at the video we just obtained.

Police say it shows Lockhart wearing a hooded sweatshirt and scurrying over to his neighbor's home.

In the video we obtained you can see him eventually pause and go out of the frame.

That's when police say he cut various cables connected to his neighbor's home. You can then see the man who police say is Lockhart, running away. Ultimately they say they know it's Lockhart, because you can see him turn on the lights inside his home, shortly after running in that direction.

On Monday, Newschannel 3's investigative reporter Walter Smith-Randolph tried to get answers from Lockhart after he bonded out of jail.

Lockhart has since been arraigned and officially charged with property destruction and communication tampering with his neighbor's home.

At the probable cause hearing the judge told him to stay away from his neighbor. As for Lockhart's wife, Theresa Lockhart, it's been eight weeks since she was last seen.

Police say the investigation continues.

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