I-Team looks into Holland cold case murder

Murder Mystery

HOLLAND, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - It's a murder that's remained a mystery in our area for four decades.

Now, the Newchannel 3 I-Team is learning advances in technology may be putting investigators one step closer to cracking the case, and figuring out who murdered a young Michigan woman.

20-year-old Deb Polinsky lived in the Holland area, back in 1977. She worked at what was then De Pree Chemical, about 15 minutes away.

But one day in 1977, she didn't show up at work; instead, she was found dead inside her home.

She appeared to be stabbed multiple times in the chest, and sexually assaulted as well, but investigators never found any sort of knife or murder weapon.

Now, investigators tell us new DNA technology reveals new details about who may have been there when she died.

We'll hear from them about how this brings them closer to finding out who did this.

We also spoke with Polinsky's sister, Claudia Ganzevoort, and asked her about the new evidence.

"It's hard being 40 years reliving it, when they find new things and so...from that perspective, it's very challenging, it's hard as a family," she said. "With the new findings we're really positive and hopeful that something will come. Someone will come forward actually."

Ganzevoort tells us Deb would have turned 60 years old this week, adding to her family's determination to get news about this new evidence found by investigators.

We'll tell you what investigators have learned with new DNA technology, and how you can possibly help solve this mystery, tonight at 11, on Newschannel 3.

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