19 people, some from Michigan, facing charges related to check, credit fraud schemes

19 people, some from Michigan, facing charges related to check, credit fraud schemes (graphic courtesy: MGN)

(NEWSCHANNEL 3) - Months after the Newschannel 3 I-Team uncovered an increase in check fraud in Michigan, today 19 people--some of them in our area--are now facing charges related to check and credit card schemes.

Investigative reporter Cody Combs is looking into the charges faced by the suspects.

The Department of Justice says 19 people--some of them from Michigan--caused the Bank of America to lose $200,000 in what the feds say is a case of check and credit card fraud. The FBI says it's still looking for three of the men charged.

Tirrel Thomas, Jerome Perry, and Dwayne Perry are just a few of the suspects, who the feds say would write fraudulent checks, deposit them into Bank of America accounts, and then use a debit card to take out the money before the bank would flag the fake checks. Some of the suspects used this method to get advance cash from Firekeepers Casino.

We first told you about the rise in check fraud in Michigan back in June. Michigan State Police say scammers are taking advantage of how rarely checks are used these days.

"It's a rising problem, and they're always coming up with different scams," said Detective James Grady, with MSP. "Some financial institutions actually accept these checks, they're getting better at tracking them, because they have people looking out for it."

As a result, the 19 defendants face federal bank fraud and scheme charges.

The maximum penalty is 30 years in prison, although worth noting that is the maximum penalty.

The Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety was involved in some of the arrests.

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