Supreme Court hearing arguments in generic drug case

(NEWSCHANNEL 3) - The U.S. Supreme Court is now hearing arguments in a case that could decide what you pay for medication.

The case involves a New Hampshire woman, who was critically injured after taking a generic medication for shoulder pain.

She took Sulindak, and now she's legally blind, can no longer drive to work, and has trouble eating normally.

Her lawyer says the drug maker is responsible, but Mutual Pharmaceutical says it's legally required to make the drug with the exact same ingredients as the name brand drug approved by the FDA.

Because of this, the company claims it should not be held responsible.

Some experts say that a ruling impeding a generic manufacturer could translate into higher drug costs.

A New Hampshire court has already sided with the woman, and awarded her $21 million.

The Generic Drug Association says the case threatens to undermine the authority of the FDA, which is the only body with the knowledge, regulatory experience, and data to make these decisions.
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