Scientists develop new game to help in breast cancer fight

(NEWSCHANNEL 3) - British scientists are now using video games for breast cancer research, with a goal of unraveling massive amounts of genetic data more quickly.

Scientists have developed a new cellphone game that decodes large volumes of genetic material from tumor samples.

The game is designed so that players mimic what scientists would do if they were looking for rogue cells in a lab.

Players map a route through an asteroid field, which is really the genetic data of more than 2,000 breast cancer patients.

"Every route you fly will be fed back to scientists in Cambridge and will help them hone in on key parts of the genome that they need to be looking at to understand how cancer cells are growing and going wrong," explained Dr. Kat Arney, with Cancer Research UK.

Scientists say early experiments show gaming results have been up to 15 percent more accurate than current methods used to analyze data.

The game is called Play to Cure: Genes in Space, and is available for Android and Apple devices.