Middle school students in Kentucky creating 'green' cigarette

Middle school students in Kentucky creating 'green' cigarette

LA GRANGE, Ky. (NEWSCHANNE 3) - Three middle school students are working together to help change the world.

They just created a "green" cigarette that's healthier for smokers and better for the environment.

They say the idea came from a science video showing birds dying from eating cigarettes.

"Their stomachs can't break it down, so they always feel full and they can die from malnutrition," explained Oldham County Middle School student Megan Hodge.

The kids discovered 5 trillion cigarettes are thrown out each year.

So they decided to make a biodegradable cigarette.

The student entered their invention at the Lego First competition where they won 2nd place.

Now, the group is raising money to take a trip to the world competition in April.

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