Mayo Clinic: Measles vaccine shows promise in fighting certain cancers

(NEWSCHANNEL 3) - A new breakthrough could offer new hope to people with some forms of cancer.

Mayo Clinic researchers say they've managed to wipe out a Minnesota woman's cancer with a blast of the measles vaccine--strong enough to inoculate 10 million people.

50-year-old Stacy Erholtz's blood cancer spread through her body, but went into complete remission after the vaccine dose, and has been clear of the disease for more than 6 months.

"I had a plasma cytoma the size of a golf ball, and within 36 hours, it was gone," she said. "It's the way of the future, and I'm so excited for other people to experience this."

The treatment lasted 40 minutes, and Stacy said her only side effects were a headache and a fever.

Researchers say they now plan to test the vaccine's effectiveness against ovarian, brain, head, and neck cancers.
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