Gyms across the country taking high-tech approach to weight loss


(NEWSCHANNEL 3) - Dozens of gyms across the country are taking a high tech approach to losing weight.

They are offering 3-D scanning technology.

A special camera takes hundreds of body measurements, from how much muscle you have, to where you're storing more fat.

The scanner creates a 3D model of a person's body in less than one minute.

Clients here also undergo a second body scan, and fill out an extensive health survey.

"That informs us as to how to exercise, eat, possibly supplement, to correct whatever is going on with the metabolism. So we can make changes in that body composition," explained gym owner David Barton. "You see the number on the scale, but the number on the scale doesn't break down how much of that is muscle, how much of that is water weight, how much of that is body fat."

The 3-D scanner was first used in the world of fashion, so tailors could get exact measurements.

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