Group steps up to help families with childhood cancer

KALAMAZOO, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - September is National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and a new non-profit group in West Michigan is stepping up to support families struggling with the disease.

Right now a tree on the Kalamazoo Mall is filled with hundreds of gold ribbons.

Each ribbon represents 100 children who are diagnosed with cancer.

Each year more than 13,000 kids in this country are diagnosed and everyday seven of those children lose their battle.

The West Michigan group, Cancer Families United, is working to bring awareness to the issue and letting local families know they don't have to fight the battle alone.

"It's a very challenging struggle, and when you feel alone and you feel like you're kind of on an island, it's hard to come out of that hole, so you need the communities support to understand they're fighting along with you," said Mary Kay Pederson of Cancer Families United.

Cancer Families United plans to help families network and support one another.

Right now the group is working with local hospitals and handing out family care bags to families who are just getting the news.

Those bags are filled with comfort and care items to let those families know that the community supports them.

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