US, Cuba to normalize relations  The United States and Cuba have agreed to re-establish diplomatic relations and open economic and travel ties, marking a historic shift in U.S. policy toward the communist island after a half-century of enmity dating back to the Cold War, American officials said Wednesday.

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Study: Some use cholesterol drugs as license to eat anything

Updated: Friday, April 25, 2014 |
Study: Some use cholesterol drugs as license to eat anything story image
(NEWSCHANNEL 3) - Millions of Americans take medication to keep their cholesterol in check, but a new study suggests some use it as a free pass to eat whatever they want.

The study in JAMA Internal Medicine looked at nearly 30,000 people over ten years and found those using cholesterol lowering drugs ate more and gained weight.

The study's author says while the drugs work well, there's more to preventing heart disease than just lowering cholesterol.

"If you perceive your cholesterol is normal, you don't have as much as an incentive to watch what you eat," said Dr. Martin Shapiro, with the UCLA School of Medicine.

Dr. Shapiro also says taking medications should not be a substitute for trying to live one's life healthier.
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