Check for dangerous toys while shopping for used toys

Check for dangerous toys while shopping for used toys. (Sinclair Cares)

(SINCLAIR BROADCAST GROUP) Toys seem to be getting more and more expensive every year, so it is tempting to buy used.

There are a lot of good deals out there, but there are also some hidden dangers. Working in partnership with our parent company, Sinclair Broadcast Group, we want to keep you informed about important health matters.

In Saturday’s Sinclair Cares report, Brian Wood reports on the risks you need to understand before hitting a garage sale or Craigslist for that holiday gift.

Ari Declerque has a lot to dream about at this thrift shop.

His father, Michael Declerque, said, "Do you like Thomas? He can roll without batteries.”

Michael Declerque likes buying used, but he knows the risks.

Declerque said, "Especially with boys. They are always into trouble even with things that are safe, so they can make it unsafe if they want to. But, we always check for safety."

Mary Wygal said, “I've seen some really dangerous products."

It is Wygal's business to know what's not safe for kids.

She said, "I see it every day, I see recalled items on Craigslist. I see them every day when I am out at other consignment stores sometimes.”

Wygal said she has to be careful, as co-owner of Baby and Me Consignment.

She said, "So I've got to research, and if I can't find the information on it, I won't take it.”

She's researching a set of toys to be sure.

"Involves various toys that were manufactured between April 19, 2007."

Sometimes you have to look closely for the numbers.

Wygal said, “So, she is k3005."

And she finds good news.

"she's ok. Her date code is saying she is okay to sell."

When you are shopping used items, you can easily do this, too.

In the search engine on your smartphone, just plug in the manufacturer's name, the model number and type in recall. The results could save you and your family.

Ruzica Josipovic, a sorter at Goodwill, spots recalled and dangerous toys all the time.

Josipovic said, “We have here small baby bottle that's go to the garbage, directly to the garbage."

Tossing out wooden toys that could have lead paint, toys that are choking hazards and checking for recalls. The consumer product safety commission regularly updates its recall list.

She said, "kids is kids you know mine or it doesn't matter kids is kids."

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