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Last Update on September 16, 2014 07:09 GMT


LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Season 19 of "Dancing With the Stars" debuts with some surprisingly good performances. At least according to the judges. Alfonso Ribeiro from "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" is the high-scorer, getting across-the-board nines from the judges' table. Judge Bruno Tonioli (toh-nee-OH'-lee) says the prince was the king of the night with his jive. Seventeen-year-old Sadie Robertson from "Duck Dynasty" was just a couple of points behind. Even though she has no dance experience, the judges say she's a natural. PBS host and author Tavis Smiley got props from the judges, as did stoner comic Tommy Chong. At age 76, he was praised for his cool and smooth style. He came out smokin' in a low-rider, with old partner Cheech Marin at the wheel. Lea Thompson from the "Back to the Future" movies also had a good first outing.

Judge Burno Tonioli says Tommy Chong was a surprise on the dance floor. COURTESY: BBC Worldwide Limited and American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. ((mandatory on-air credit))

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Bruno Tonioli (toh-nee-OH'-lee) and host Tom Bergeron

Judge Bruno Tonioli says Alfonso Ribeiro is off to a great start. COURTESY: BBC Worldwide Limited and American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. ((mandatory on-air credit))

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Alfonso Ribeiro

Alfonso Ribeiro says it's tough being the last to dance on the season debut. COURTESY: BBC Worldwide Limited and American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. ((mandatory on-air credit))


LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Season 19 will be short for one of the "Dancing With the Stars" contestants. The season debut was last night, with the first elimination set for tonight. Olympian and track star Lolo Jones could get the bad news. She admits she blew her cha-cha after being distracted by a text message just before her performance. She had the second-lowest scores from the judges. Seventy-two-year-old fashion designer Betsey Johnson was at the bottom of the judges' leaderboard. She was tripped up by a feather boa during her performance. But the judges' were impressed by her ability to still do a full split. We'll find out tonight if the viewers agree.

Len Goodman says 72-year-old Betsey Johnson got off to great start before she was tripped up by a prop. COURTESY: BBC Worldwide Limited and American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. ((mandatory on-air credit))


NEW YORK (AP) -- Barbra Streisand has some advice for Jimmy Fallon -- don't give up your night job. Streisand made her first appearance in decades on the "Tonight Show" last night. Fallon noted she was last on the show 50 years ago, when Johnny Carson was the host. Her new album of duets, "Partners" is out today. Streisand and Fallon did a duet parody, with Fallon doing Elvis' part. Streisand jokingly asked if he really wants to be a singer. Streisand was Fallon's only guest and he insisted she sit in the host's chair at the desk. Fallon joked she might as well, because she'll never be coming back.

Jimmy Fallon and Barbra Streisand switch spots, as she makes her first "Tonight Show" appearance in decades. COURTESY: NBC's "Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" ((mandatory on-air credit))

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Barbra Streisand and Jimmy Fallon

After singing a parody duet with Jimmy Fallon, Barbra Streisand has some advice. COURTESY: NBC's "Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" ((mandatory on-air credit))

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Jimmy Fallon and Barbra Streisand

Jimmy Fallon notes Barbra Streisand was a film pioneer, the first woman to star, write, direct and produce her own movies. COURTESY: NBC's "Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" ((mandatory on-air credit))


LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Police say they did everything by the book. But an actress who was in "Django Unchained" feels she was unfairly singled out by authorities when they answered a 911 call claiming there was lewd conduct in a parked car. Daniele Watts says she was just making out with her boyfriend, Brian Lucas, was fully clothed -- and that nothing out of the way was happening. She says that's why she refused to give her identification to police when they showed up. She and Lucas posted pictures on Facebook showing Watts crying and in handcuffs. Lucas says he suspects onlookers assumed Watts was a prostitute and he a client because she is black and he's white.

AP Entertainment Editor Oscar Wells Gabriel says Los Angeles police are defending their detention of an actress who was in "Django Unchained."


LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Kerry Washington says it's a part of domestic abuse that often doesn't get the attention it should. The actress says financial abuse often keeps a woman from leaving a man who is hurting her physically. The "Scandal" actress is doing something to make it stop. She has done a Public Service Announcement about a program to help women who leave abusive relationships from having their jobs, credit or financial standing damaged. Washington says in nearly all cases of abuse, there is a financial component that often keeps a woman from taking her leave.


LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Kerry Washington says if she seems to have her life in order -- it's because she has had great examples leading the way. The "Scandal" star says her mother and the show's creator Shonda Rhimes "are "really amazing role models and she-roes who have found ways to balance work and home life." She says all she has to do is look to them and try to keep up with the good things going on in her life these days. "Scandal" returns for a fourth season September 25.

Kerry Washington says shows like "Scandal" are designed to talk about the real issues facing women. (Refers to show creator, Shonda Rimes)

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Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington says she has had good female role models who have helped her be a successful professional and family woman.

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Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington says she wants to get more into producing.


LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Some people think of Atlanta as the place where the heat and humidity goes to spend the summer. But for the two stars of the movie "No Good Deed," it has the feel of home. Idris Elba says he likes shooting in Atlanta because his daughter lives there -- and she gets to spend a lot a time on the set. He also says having lived in Atlanta, he knows the city "pretty well." He says while it has an urban vibe, you can go elsewhere in town and feel "you're in the country." Taraji P. Henson says one thing she likes about Atlanta -- is the food. She also likes that you can look at the sky at night and actually see stars.

Idris Elba says there's more to Atlanta than humidity.

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Taraji P. Henson

Taraji P. Henson says despite the heat, the atmosphere in Atlanta is really cool.


NEW YORK (AP) -- It didn't take long for the ladies of "The View" to sink their teeth into a controversial topic. All four cast members got into a discussion over domestic abuse -- in the wake of the Ray Rice videotape. They also tackled the subject of corporal punishment, after the Minnesota Vikings sat down Adrian Peterson for this past Sunday's game. Whoopi Goldberg is the only holdover on the show -- and she says the hosts had been asked in recent years to tone down talk on political issues. But apparently they aren't getting the same message in the post-Barbara Walters era.