Lawmaker reacts to pending government shut-down

(NEWSCHANNEL 3) - We're less than 24-hours away from a possible shutdown of the federal government.

At midnight Monday night the current budget expires and Congress can't seem to find a compromise to keep the government running.

One of the big issues holding things up is a tax on medical devices that will help play for the health care bill.

Kalamazoo-based Stryker says it could cost them hundreds of millions of dollars and many law makers want to do away with it.

Over the weekend the House voted to repeal the medical device tax.

Congressman Bill Huizenga tells Newschannel 3 it is part of a solution they've been looking for when it comes to the on-going budget battle.

Medical giant Stryker reports they were forced to lay more than 1,100 employees because of the tax and they say they owe the government upwards of a 100-million dollars this year alone.

A spokesperson told Newschannel 3 earlier this month the health care law will cost the company 20-percent of its total research and development investments.

Congressman Huizenga says it's bad for business, especially here in West Michigan.

"We ought to be fighting for this, and I'm frustrated that my colleagues in the Senate in Michigan aren't fighting for this, that makes no sense to me," said Huizenga. "If you are going to pull money out of a company's revenue stream, it means fewer dollars for research and development and marketing."

Both parties are now facing a larger concern: that time is running out to reach a middle ground.

While the House voted to get rid of the tax, the Senate is expected to shoot that down Monday.

With the deadline looming the Senate goes back into session at 1:00 Monday afternoon, giving them less than 12 hours to find a compromise and keep the government running.